These lemon bars add a tangy twist to your baking line up


Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

Spring has officially arrived! Gone are the days of peppermint and pumpkin spice, making room for the lighter and brighter flavors befitting of the new season. You may be asking yourself “what can I make now that the weather’s warmer?” Well, look no further, we have the perfect recipe for you: lemon bars! 

Lemon bars are good any time of the year, but they taste even better during spring. Their vibrant color blends right in with the blossoming flowers. The zest of the lemon combined with a sweet shortbread crust makes for a delightfully tangy treat. 

This particular recipe hits all of the marks of the perfect lemon bar. Unlike other recipes, this one uses an entire cup of fresh lemon juice, adding an extra punch of flavor. The filling was smooth and settled beautifully once baked and refrigerated. 

The shortbread crust was sweet and easy to make. Altogether, it only took five minutes to mix and put in the oven. It balanced out the tartness of the filling without taking away from the lemony flavor. 

Both the amounts of filling and crust were perfectly proportionate. You get just the right amount of lemon and crust in each bite. Instead of the contrasting sweet and sour battling for the spotlight, they complemented each other, making for a pleasant arrangement of flavors. 

The best part of this recipe is how you can make it your own. The opportunities are endless! If you want more lemon flavor, add the zest of some of your lemons. If you want a little more sweetness, add some whipped cream on the side when serving, or garnish the bars with powdered sugar. The author of the recipe even suggests switching out the citrus juice from lemon to orange for a unique twist on the traditional treat! Whether the chef or consumer, there is something to be found for everyone with this recipe. 

Find the recipe here.

As we transition into the sunny days of a new season, welcome it with an equally sweet and vibrant treat! These lemon bars will make you wish spring was year round!