BHS expands math options for 2022-2023

Gillian Torres, Staff Reporter

Students filling out their course request paperwork will notice additional math options when they go to register for next year’s classes.

Two new math classes are now available for juniors and seniors who are interested in taking additional math classes but hesitant to take Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus.

The first new math class is Financial Algebra II, which is ideally taken after Geometry. Instead of Algebra II, students may choose to take this to gain some experience with financial math, according to Math Department Chair Katie Wadley. In this class, students are taught the California Common Core standards for Algebra II but “through the lens of financial issues and applications,” as Wadley explained.

“Financial Algebra II is a great option for our upperclassmen who want to develop the financial and mathematical literacy they need for success in life after high school,” said Wadley.

The second new math class is AP Computer Science A, which should be taken after completing Algebra II. This is a computer programming course, although it counts as math credit.

Burroughs Math Teacher Kevin Burch will be teaching this course.

“It’s important to stay in tune with how the technology works,” said Burch. “AP Computer Science A does that.”

In this course, students will be able to study the basics of programming in Java computer language.
Burch sees the new course as a great opportunity.

“As a student, you can begin your journey in understanding one of the most advanced programming languages in the world, as well as get math credit. Who wouldn’t take it?” said Burch.

The math department has been working to increase math options for students so that more students continue their studies beyond the basic requirement.

“As students make important decisions about their future, their need for financial literacy increases. We also wanted to give students an opportunity to explore mathematical logic in computer programming,” said Wadley.