“Encanto” tells a vibrant story


Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

When flipping through the infinite flow of movies on Disney+, it can be difficult to decide what to watch! You have choices between animated and live action, classics or remakes, and even superheroes or space. The possibilities are endless, and if more than one person is watching, the decision making is as well. However, one movie that everyone can agree on is “Encanto.” 

“Encanto” follows the Madrigal family in the mountains of Columbia, who are known for having their own unique power, given to them by their magical home, the Encanto. However, family outcast Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) was never given one. When the magic of the Encanto threatens to fall apart, Mirabel sets out to save her family, and all that they hold dear. 

While there is so much to say about this film, we will start with perhaps the most important detail: the music. With the songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Broadway musicals “Hamilton” and “In The Heights,” viewers are in for a lyrical treat with “Encanto.” Miranda’s compositions are catchy, unique, and touch on important subjects, such as suffering from stress and concealing who you are for the sake of others. Viewers will find themselves humming along long after the movie is finished. Melodious harmonies paired with unique choreography give each piece a “wow” factor, which will leave you wondering what the next song will bring. If you were a fan of the songs in the movie “Moana” (also partially composed by Miranda), then you are sure to enjoy the music in this film.  

“Encanto” is full of vibrant color. With all colors of the rainbow showing through, viewers will truly understand the importance of the magic that the Encanto and Madrigal family bring to their village. It adds a sense of liveliness to the film, and keeps you drawn to the screen throughout. Additionally,this film does not lack in the animation department!  The animation is unlike any that I have ever seen, and is arguably one of the most realistic animations to date. It’s hard to believe that each bounce of Mirabel’s curly hair and each swish of her skirt are made using drawing and technology, not actual movement. The animation quality adds to the engagement of the film, as it highlights each characters’ talents, and makes for a more visually pleasing viewing experience. 

This film also touches on some important themes, many revolving around family and letting go of the past. Throughout “Encanto,” viewers will see how Mirabel’s family begins to accept her, and how she helps them to accept themselves and let their powers live up to their full potential, showing the support that family can provide. If that wasn’t already sending a heartwarming message, we also see Mirabel’s dedication to her family as she attempts to save their magical home, despite how she is sometimes treated. Viewers will be touched to see the amount of love that is shared in the family, and their growth and acceptance as the plot progresses. 

“Encanto” is available for free with a Disney+ subscription. 

If you are looking for a vibrant, musical, and heartwarming film, then “Encanto” is just right for you! Don’t pass on the opportunity to watch this outstanding piece of Disney animation. You won’t be disappointed!