Fight the mental virus


Grace Lormand, Staff Reporter

Senioritis is something every senior encounters eventually. Whether it be on the first day of school, or the last week, it happens to everyone sooner or later — that is, if you aren’t prepared.

The world of a senior is stressful. Plans after high school, college, jobs, and just overall uncertainty in upcoming adulthood can all be overwhelming. Not to forget the main reason most people get senioritis: they want to be done.

All of these can cause burnout if not properly treated, but luckily the treatments are fairly simple.

The first is to stick to a routine when it comes to homework. It may seem unimportant in the grand scheme of things but the fact of the matter is, you will feel better if you get it done. This is perhaps the simplest and most straightforward tip on this list, but it will increase your productivity by a mile.

Keeping on top of things is the best way not to get behind. This has always been the case, but as a senior, it’s even more important. The act of simply getting assignments done on a daily basis will help elevate your motivation to participate in school.

Another thing that helps vastly in keeping burnout at bay is to make some academic goals for yourself. You’re more likely to want to get things done and to participate in classes if you have a goal set. Maybe it’s a GPA goal, or something as simple as having no missing assignments in a math class, but either way, it is effective.

The most effective of any senioritis tip anyone can give you is simply to try something new. Giving some of your time to indulge in new experiences will keep you on your toes. Maybe trying a new sport, joining a club, or just deciding to go hiking after school a few days a week — all  of these things are vastly helpful in maintaining a strong-willed mind and keeping yourself on track to cross the stage with your classmates.