“Dune” does not disappoint


In a world of dystopian novels, the film adaptations can feel repetitive and drab. However, the film “Dune” stood out in its own unique way, bringing an exciting addition to the dystopian genre.

“Dune” follows Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) as he and his family move to rule over the planet Arrakis and supervise the collection of spice, the most valuable substance and basis of the economy. During this time, extreme conflict breaks out, forcing them to survive in the dangers of Arrakis in order to flee. 

The best word to describe this film would be intriguing. While the plot made sense, some questions went unanswered. Fear not, though, “Dune” will have three films total, so those questions will eventually be put to rest. 

The location and setting is what set “Dune” apart from other dystopian films. Though simple, the sand landscape stood out. Its nondescript appearance led to a level of suspense, as you never know what to expect from the depths of the sand below. Alongside suspense, the scenery added to the isolation felt while watching the film. The visuals were distinct and unique, making it an interesting switch from the traditional dreary location of most dystopian films. 

“Dune” merged the dystopian and science fiction genres seamlessly. With the combination of interplanetary connections and the struggles of a developing society after destruction, it felt like a balanced mixture of both. It kept viewers interested as they were moved through watching giant sand worms attack, followed by the destruction of a kingdom. 

There were special features throughout that added to the visual experience. Specifically, the visions that Paul Atreides’ experienced. The way those specific scenes were filmed made it seem as if viewers were experiencing them as well, leaving an impactful impression throughout the duration of the film. Additionally, aspects such as lamentations used as background music added to the feeling of being immersed in a completely different part of the human race. It gave viewers the ability to visualize the Fremen, the people living on Arrakis, as their own distinct culture. This aspect was particularly interesting because it severed ties with the traditional human behavior and traditions that we are familiar with. 

“Dune” is available in theaters or on HBO Max with a subscription. 

“Dune” is a film that is unique, engaging, and immersive. Viewers will be interested from beginning to end as they follow the journey of the Atreides family. The combination of distinctive scenery, thoughtful storytelling, and thrilling action is sure to please all. For lovers of dystopian and science fiction, this film is not to be missed!