Christopher Livingston

Monroe Middle School.

“The start of school was coming quickly and I was quite distressed about the CANVAS program we would be using for the government forced shutdown of our schools physically. This was my 29 year of teaching and I quite honestly felt more stressed than my first year of teaching. I had really no idea how to build a page for my classes. I had gone to the district trainings and was able to put a banner up at the end of the training for each of my classes, but that wouldn’t cut it for the first day of school. I wanted my students to have the best Online experience I could possibly give them and this wasn’t going to happen without lots of help. It was suggested that I call Christopher and ask him for help. I couldn’t believe how much of his time he was willing to give me to help set up my pages. He asked me to share my screen and began to help build all eight classes. He must have spent at least 10 to 12 hours helping me step by step the weekend before school started. He didn’t just do it for me, he taught me how to do it. So after the first week I was up and running on my own. I have called him many times during the year for questions and he’s always been available to help when asked. I know his students are very fortunate to have Mr. Livingston as their teacher. I also feel the Sierra Sands Staff that have the opportunity to work with him also are very fortunate.”

submitted by Brian Williams

“I appreciate that he jokes around with us and lets me give him a joke of the day.”

submitted by Jade Morey

“He can relate to all of his students in different ways and its pretty cool.”

submitted by Anthony Martinez

“Mr. Livingston is very funny and it’s never a dull moment in his classroom.”

submitted by Kaitlyn Klamt

“He always makes it fun to learn about things in class and uses ways to teach that keeps me engaged in the work.”

submitted by Ryan Morrison

“I appreciate that Mr. Livingston puts in a lot of effort to make sure we understand what we are learning. He is overall a great teacher and makes school fun everyday.”

submitted by Alissa Gutierrez

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